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What Can UR-Worthy Do For Me?

  • Assists students in taking ownership of their future.
  • Develops abilities to analyze, plan, and manage college planning processes.
  • Teaches tools and life skills necessary to develop the "big picture."
  • Prepares specific strategies to successfully move forward.
  • Takes a strategic business approach to education and career processes.
  • Creates a college road map establishing goals and the right collegiate fit.
  • Recognizes and addresses academic strengths and weaknesses.

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Why Consider A Coach?

As we educate our way to a new economy, our students must become college prepared and career ready.

Motivated, successful, career-driven individuals realize the importance of adapting to change, planning ahead and becoming life-long learners.

Each student has a unique set of needs, which require a complete analysis before we develop a roadmap. 

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High School Student

Create Profile, develop goals & strategies, mentoring...


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Collegiate Profile

Create Profile, develop interview techniques & strategies...


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Career Professional

Create candidate profile, develop goals & road map...

go get success

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