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What Can UR-Worthy Do For Me?

  • Assists students in taking ownership of their future.
  • Develops abilities to analyze, plan, and manage college planning processes.
  • Teaches tools and life skills necessary to develop the "big picture."
  • Prepares specific strategies to successfully move forward.
  • Takes a strategic business approach to education and career processes.
  • Creates a college road map establishing goals and the right collegiate fit.
  • Recognizes and addresses academic strengths and weaknesses.

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Why Consider A Coach?

As we educate our way to a new economy, our students must become college prepared and career ready.

Motivated, successful, career-driven individuals realize the importance of adapting to change, planning ahead and becoming life-long learners.

Each student has a unique set of needs, which require a complete analysis before we develop a roadmap. 

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High School Student

Create Profile, develop goals & strategies, mentoring...


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Collegiate Profile

Create Profile, develop interview techniques & strategies...


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Career Professional

Create candidate profile, develop goals & road map...

go get success

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go get successFor many professionals, traditional career trajectories are no longer desirable or feasible. Whether skills have been made redundant by the shifting economy, additional expertise needs to be acquired for advancement, or personal passions take a worker in a completely new direction, there are always challenges on the horizon for today’s professional. UR-Worthy is proud to have served more 100 working professionals by providing innovative, personalized career coaching regardless of profession or industry. 

Our objective is to develop; a professional brand, a charismatic persona, an understanding of the rules of engagement, and the value proposition of time management.

  • Verbal communication strategies that support specific behaviors that communicate professionalism
  • Develop key attributes that impart a positive first impression to the workplace community
  • Developing strategies to interface with your target audience
  • Learn to recognize the behavioral styles of others with whom they interact at work
  • Understanding how to manage office politics
  • How to maximize networking events
  • Selecting the right organizational tool that works for you
  • How to identify when you need to make a career change
  • Creating your exit strategy



In today’s competitive landscape, even the most accomplished college students struggle to transition successfully into the workforce. Unfortunately, even the best academic institutions don’t adequately prepare scholars to navigate the realities of the working world. For many students, it is a challenge to secure fulfilling roles and even harder to excel in them. UR-Worthy is proud to have served more than 100 students during their transition from students to working professionals. 

However, many employers are finding that recent graduates are unprepared to succeed in the workforce because they lack foundational “soft skills.” Our objective is not only to prepare them with the skills to get the job

  • Resume Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Social Media Presence

But to provide them with the skills to succeed in the job and provide them with a fundamental understanding of “ the office life.”

  • Communication
  • Relationship Skills
  • Work ethic & persistence
  • Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Organizational Skills


A Complex Journey Made Simple

Our objective is to enhance students’ potential in an environment that fosters personal learning. To accomplish this, UR-Worthy Services:                                                    

  • Teaches students how to analyze, plan, and manage their college and career planning processes
  • Makes recommendations on how to close crucial skill gaps
  • Executes the college plan including helping the student target colleges and populating the college applications
  • Improves students’ opportunities for success by emphasizing the tools and life skills needed to develop the “big picture"

These services are part of the UR-Worthy High School Program


  • Create Student Profile
  • Skills assessment to determine collegiate fit
  • Develop strategies for improvement
  • Goal identification
  • Create road map
  • College selection and application process
  • Mentoring

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