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go get successFor many professionals, traditional career trajectories are no longer desirable or feasible. Whether skills have been made redundant by the shifting economy, additional expertise needs to be acquired for advancement, or personal passions take a worker in a completely new direction, there are always challenges on the horizon for today‚Äôs professional. UR-Worthy is proud to have served more 100 working professionals by providing innovative, personalized career coaching regardless of profession or industry. 

Our objective is to develop; a professional brand, a charismatic persona, an understanding of the rules of engagement, and the value proposition of time management.

  • Verbal communication strategies that support specific behaviors that communicate professionalism
  • Develop key attributes that impart a positive first impression to the workplace community
  • Developing strategies to interface with your target audience
  • Learn to recognize the behavioral styles of others with whom they interact at work
  • Understanding how to manage office politics
  • How to maximize networking events
  • Selecting the right organizational tool that works for you
  • How to identify when you need to make a career change
  • Creating your exit strategy

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